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Foto: Roland Karlson

SM Starbåt 2022

Welcome to Karlshamn, Sweden, with the flag at the top.

The championship will take place June 16-19 2022 in Karlshamn, south of Sweden.
Karlshamns Sailing Society, as the organizingauthority,
welcome Swedish as well as foreign participants.

The championship will be arranged according to any
current precautions and rules related to the pandemic
covid - 19 if necessary at the time.

To participate you find the notification form HERE

On this site you will find for example:

Notice of race
Accomodation tips
Pictures from the race


Wednesday June 15
Registration at regatta office                                  16.00 - 20.00
Boat launch

Thursday June 16 
Boat launch,                                                      
Registration and measurement, safety inspection,  10.00 - 20.00
Tune up races are planned to start at the latest      14.00
After Sail from                                                     17.00

Friday June 17
Opening ceremony at KSS club house
and skippers breifing                                                   08.00

Time for first warning signal                                         11.00
After sail as soon as the day´s race is over

Saturday June 18
Scippers breifing will be announced if neccessary           09.00
Time for first warning signal                                             11.00
Regatta dinner approx.                                                  18.00

Sunday June 19
Scippers breifing will be announced if neccessary           09.00
Time for the first warning signal                                        10.00

No warning signal will be given after 15.00 unless
it follows a signal of general recall or postponement
of a race whose first warning signal had
been made before                                                             15.00
Seven (7) races are planned in total during three racing days

Boat that has a long journey home will be given priority at boat haul out

Price giving ceremony as soon as possible after finishing the races and protest hearings. A separate price given for winning the tune up race.

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